The passion to build

Founded in 1986 by Benoit F. Laurin ing., Devlor has been able to grow and adapt to complete projects with always bigger scope. It is with this mentality and ambition that the company has been able to differentiate itself, because the passion to build has been transmitted to every member of Devlor’s team. Making sure that every project is piloted by a team that is motivated and devoted to it, we are making sure that our realizations reach our client ambitions.

Since 2019, the passion to build now transcend through generations with the administration being joined by Antoine Laurin-Lalonde, Benoit’s son. With this transition, Devlor’s mission and values are strengthened. As Devlor keep growing, we keep building for you with passion.

Our 6 basics values

  • Drive


    Since 1986, Devlor has been implementing and carrying out mostly major construction projects ensuring relentless production, always moving forward.

  • Entrepreneurship


    In nearly three decades, the company has performed more than $500 million of contracts, investing all its expertise and efforts into building and renovating structures costing tens of thousands of dollars up to multi-million major achievements such as high luxury condominiums.

  • Value


    From the outset, Devlor has constantly striven to develop partnerships with its customers as well as with professionals, specialized contractors, and suppliers. As we strive for a winner-winner attitude, we bring new perspective to your projects. Giving a true value to our services.

  • Leadership


    Benoit Laurin, Devlor's founder, is very committed to the community. He was an active member of the Association patronale des entreprises de construction du Québec (APECQ), serving as president in 2002 and 2003 and the Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec (CEGQ). He also used to be the Board President for Engineers Without Boarders organization.

  • Organization


    Devlor's team is composed by a skilled team of talented engineers and professionals with construction experience gained through hundreds of different projects.

  • Respect


    Whether in administration or project monitoring, our dedicated staff provides daily operational follow-up and maintains effective, harmonious relations with our customers and suppliers.

Member | Canada Green Building Concil

LEED approach

Building according to an LEED approach is a constant passion for Devlor

Having LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals (AP) on the team, the management structure of the process is naturally simplified, and forms a vital part of our know-how at Devlor.

Being in continuous liaison with certified local suppliers, the Devlor team knows the innovative products that are successful without necessarily being expensive.

It is not only a simple Bureaucratic compilation of forms that give a project LEED points. Devlor integrates environmental concerns and energy innovation into the economic reality of construction. Many projects have benefited from Devlor counsel to obtain the LEED certification. EVERY Devlor project is realized with passion for future generations.

Social implications

Social implications

As an active citizen in its community, it is important to pay it forward and support those in need. This is why Devlor is proud of its implication with these non-profit:

  • Devlor
  • Devlor

They trusted us

Association patronale des entreprises en construction du Québec - APECQ
Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec - CEGQ