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From the planning process to the delivery of your project, Devlor will give you a stellar service. Our expertise add value to any project, whether it is industrial, commercial or institutional. We are always looking for the latest technologies and technics to give us an edge to deliver the best product possible. These advantages let us offer a service adapted to our clients and work toward a solid partnership with them.

From turnkey projects to construction management, Devlor can guide you and help find the right solution to your needs.

Expertise on all type of constructions

With more than 3000 residential units delivered throughout his history, Devlor has developed and gained experience in all types of modular systems. Our experience tells us that we always have to be up to date with all the new innovations in the industry to be able to build on the right budget.

Wood | Steel | Concrete

Devlor’s team is ready to adapt
for your needs.

Here is the list of services offered:

  • Turnkey


    Taking care of the whole project from start to finish. From design to delivery, everything will be under our care.

  • Financial Partner

    Financial Partner

    As a financial partner, Devlor can help establish the financing for different aspects of a construction project.

  • Cost and feasibility consultant in the pre-project phase

    Cost and feasibility consultant in the pre-project phase

    The cost and feasibility analysis is done while collaborating to the conception of the construction project. This will optimize the construction strategy and better evaluate the scope, the budget and the schedule.

  • Customer representative

    Customer representative

    We can represent the client to manage the different parties implicated, such as the architects, professionals and the general contractor.

  • Development consulting

    Development consulting

    We offer to help with the development and marketing of future projects. Devlor will make sure the right sales and marketing team is in place to guarantee the best results.

  • Construction Manager

    Construction Manager

    As a general contractor with a precise objective given by the client, Devlor will manage the construction of the project by having a good collaboration with the different specialized contractors. Our team is able to realize every type of project.

Technologies and innovations

Since the beginnings of Devlor, adapting to new technologies has been a success factor, from its quick implementation in our business and to our continuous trainings. Our team is always able to offer services to the best standards of the industry.

The new management system brings a better information sharing and facilitate a clearer communications. By integrating those tools on our sites, we are able to coordinate faster and improve communication and collaboration with every parties on the project. These tools give us the opportunity to have a transparent collaboration on all management levels.

Health and
safety and long-term development

The construction sector is a place where the risk of injury is rather high. This is why on our construction site, the health and safety of our workers is our priority and is extremely important for us. From the elaboration to the execution of the endeavour, it is asked of all participants to respect the highest safety requirements.

Devlor also aim to always support long-term development by offering LEED services so the buildings we deliver are made to last and be energy efficient.

A personalized after sale service

Devlor offer more services than the usual general contractor. On demand, we can offer personalized services that answer the exact needs of our clients, that includes after-sale customer service. We are proud of every project and the passion to build is the center of our identity, which is why we strive to make sure every project we start is finished properly.

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They trusted us

“Devlor is one of the best general contractors that I have ever worked with. Benoit Laurin and his team have completed several projects for us and I have never had any problems with them. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone.”

Yvan Bergeron

Construction Projects Supervisor Vanier Cégep, Saint-Laurent

"To Benoit Laurin and Marie Lalonde, Thank you very much from the volunteers who have had the pleasure of working with you. Thank you from the athletes who had the chance to benefit from your generosity. Thank you from the staff and sponsors who have been successful because of your leadership and involvement. We say thank you! For the time and energy devoted to ensuring the stability of the Association, and especially for the development of young Snowboarding talent in Quebec. We wish you luck in your future projects."

Extract from the plaque presented during the annual Quebec Snowboard Gala, Baie de Beauport, on April 30th, 2011

Quebec Snowboard Association

“As building mechanical and electric professionals, we are always happy to work with responsible contractors able to respect our plans and estimates to ensure the best quality of the finished product. In collaboration with DEVLOR on large scale projects, we quickly recognized a highly efficient contractor, respectful of plans and estimates, and especially meticulous in their coordination with the subcontractors hired. We are proud to be associated in various projects with a professional team like DEVLOR. They are reliable partners!”

Jean G. Desjardins ing

President Desjardins Expert Conseil

“I met Benoit Laurin from Devlor for the first time in 1998. In Tremblant, we always want genuine partnerships with our consultants and general contractors. We did not make a mistake by depending on team Devlor. Thanks to Benoit, Alberto Bernardi and their entire team, Equinox, one of the largest projects ever signed in Tremblant, went very well. We worked as true partners."

Jean-François Garneau

Intrawest, Tremblant

“Your team has allowed our company, Devex Inc. to grow and become more profitable over the course of our association. Your specialized expertise in the construction of urban housing projects allowed us to focus on our core business of real estate development. You have built condominiums ranging between 12 to 60 units for our projects, and these high quality buildings will be standing for future generations and as part of Montreal’s architectural heritage. Hats off to your professional and dedicated team."

Jean-Georges Thibault


“My company has been working with Devlor for a good ten years. Our expertise as an excavation, backfill and civil engineering specialist has indeed led to work with the general contractor on several projects. So I can testify that deadlines are always met to the letter and Devlor an excellent coordinator for the work."

Michel Viger

Les excavations Payette ltée

“Reference about the Orleans project, Mr. Laurin, following the completion of the project, we want to thank you for your participation, which was greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. We would also like to make a special mention of the participation of Gilles Michaud, Superintendent, who has done an excellent job throughout the project, hoping to work with you again in the future, please accept, Mr. Laurin, the expression of our gratitude, Sincerely yours...”

Sohrab Saidi ing. M.B.A.

President Carpian Consultants