Services offered

Specialized BUILDINGS Manufacturer

• Wood framework
• Steel frame
• Concrete structures

Buildings can have a vocation:

• residential
• commercial
• industrial
• institutional

Exclusively private customers

Insurance and guarantees that allow the execution of large scale projects.

General contractor

• At a fixed price (contract work) with plans and estimate
• Pure management at % or fixed fees
• Hybrid management; guaranteed maximum, open books, with profit sharing

The Devlor team can work for you as a Consultant or a Partner

• Consulting for costs and constructability in pre project phase
• Consultation for entire project development
• Financial partner
• Representative for the owner

Complete service for the finishing projects

• Coordination of the documents prepared by professionals
• Constructability
• Recommendations, Modifications, Alternatives
• Quantities needed
• Budgets, class D, C, B and Execution
• Preparation of the batches of invitations to tender from the specialists
• Follow-up invitation to tender & recommendations
• Preparation of orders and contracts
• Follow-up of the directives & modifications
• Follow-up of document preparation
• Safety plan; rigorous set up and implementation
• Quality control, Inspections, reports
• Daily reports from the building site
• Photographs of building site
• Web cameras of the building site
• Weekly subcontractor meetings
• Weekly professional meetings
• Schedules; planned vs. current
• Payment requests
• Follow-up of the receipts & legal declarations
• CCQ, CSST, Min revenue conformity
• Building site insurance and responsibility
• Follow-up of delivery, Correction of deficiencies
• Plans as built, Manuals, Guarantees, replacement materials
• Service after sale, follow-up of the guarantees