Le Programme Assistance Bâtiment du RQRA
Provide SUPPORT and ASSISTANCE in all aspects of their BUILDINGS to the members of the RQRA, Quebec's private senior housing managers, who strive to offer quality living environments for seniors (both autonomous or with diminishing autonomy).

Accompany and assist the members of the RQRA:

In the planning, coordination and management of any intervention involving the building

  • Expansions
  • Renovations
  • Upgrades and updates

Through the various stages and requirements of the construction process

  • Prerequisite analysis and determination of specific needs for the residence
  • Production of plans and specifications
  • Cost estimates and calls for tenders
  • Construction work
  • Certification and confirmation of compliance

In the comprehension and application of the different regulations, as well as follow-up on any changes or updates with regard to standards and requirements

  • Manager assistance and follow up on any non-compliance report received by a residence
  • Specific requirements for sprinkler systems in senior housing complexes
  • Requirements for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • Standards for flame spread indices and fire separations
  • Requirements for safety lighting and basement exit doors
  • Requirements for hot-water temperature limitation and backflow protection devices in drinking water systems
  • Inspection and maintenance of facades, multi-level parking facilities and water-cooling towers

On how to take full advantage of the various subsidies available

  • Provincial subsidy program for installing sprinkler systems
  • Subsidy for improving fire safety in senior housing by SIM or other municipal subsidies

In finally being reassured of the compliance of the residence

Making sure senior homes are adequately secured, whether at the fire protection level or with regard to access management, the upgrade and update of mechanical or specialized equipment, the importance of compliance with the various regulatory requirements and standards and even the desire to offer their clientele a living environment at the height of today's expectations, are all very legitimate motives that led to the creation of this assistance program for senior housing managers.

Metropolitan Region: (514) 437-RQRA (7772)
Toll-Free : 1 (844) 437-RQRA (7772)

Email batiment.rqra@devlor.com
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